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My Resume

James (Jimmy) Eaves


Nashville, TN 37221 | (615) 556-0887 |

email -

Website - Of course you're here, but it's


Technical Expertise

Languages:                                Tools

C# - 15 years                                ASP.Net MVC – 3 years

JavaScript - 15 years                    AS 400 – 10 years

VB Script - 10 years                      SQL Server – 5 years

Type Script - 2 years                     RAZOR – 3 years

Angular - 1-year                            Bootstrap – 3 years

Salesforce - 6 months                   ASP.Net Core 1 year

API                                                Azure - 6 months


Professional Experience

Acceptance Insurance                           July 2005 – November 2020

  • During this time most of my work was in ASP.Net, C#/.Net, and HTML/JavaScript/CSS with AS 400 on the backend.

  • Recently developed an application to merge policy holders from Salesforce to our AS 400.

  • I was asked to learn VUE, so I wrote a VUE application to allow me to search my growing CD collection to make sure I did not order a CD that I already had.

  • Developed an Angular 2 application for claims personal to search policy holders and return in a table format from the AS 400. This angular application used ASP.NET Core, TypeScript, CSS, Bootstrapping, HTML, JSON and JavaScript.

  • I developed a daily email that was delivered to management to show how many policies that were sold the day before and from each state. This email used a lot of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

  • I developed a C# application that took a daily download from a 3rd party application, Corvel, and listed policy holders that needed additional medical coverage.

  • I was part of the team when our website was upgraded. The website was written in C# within ASP.Net Core MVC. The redesigned website generated millions for the company’s bottom line.

  • I designed an API to work with our company website to take credit card payments and process payment to the credit card payment app.

  • Currently published an ASP.Net Core MVC application to Azure.


Contracting                                     December 2001 – July 2005

  • During this time, I held various contracting jobs, mostly with the state of Tennessee health department. During this time I designed one of the first websites to track West Nile, this application used Visual Studio, ASP, HTML, and JavaScript. I also produced and edited several local commercials using Adobe Premiere.


Deloitte & Touche                              July 1998 – November 2001

  • Started as entry level programmer without any knowledge of Lotus Scripts, within six months I was promoted to next level of developer.

  • Projects I worked on included Global Insight, which used mostly LotusScript and Global Incompass, which used Visual Studio, HTML, JavaScript, CSS and XML. I also worked on multimedia projects using Adobe Premiere.

Data Cash Register                             October 1988 – July 1998

  • Traveled all over the country installing point-of-sale systems (POS) in restaurants and grocery stores.

  • In 1994, I was named Employee of the Year as voted on from owners, management and fellow employees.

Furthering my education

And because IS/IT never stops advancing, I have been furthering my education by

  • Just finished achieving certifications for completing Object Oriented Programming Part 1 and Part 2 from

  • I have also completed several VUE courses on

  • Continuing my education and experience with ASP.NET Core by working through Murach’s book, ASP.NET Core MVC.

  • I am currently designing RAZOR pages to calculate interest payment. I am also using Bootstrap to make the web page responsive for multiple platforms.

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